Coat Before Alterations

During 2017 Mr Elronde announced a new service to be provided by Erikr House, namely alterations. One would think as we are a company in the fashion industry that specialise in the manufacturing of couture garments that it would be a natural assumption that we would provide such a service as a standard service. 

We have always extended an alteration service at little or no cost to clients that wished to alter one of their Erikr House original garments at a later stage to style a garment up, or down perhaps, but that is where this service ended and as a rule we didn’t work on garments that had been manufactured by another company as clients would, for example, commission us to replace a faulty zipper and then next week when a button falls off, due to no fault of ours as that was not in the area we worked on, they would insist we replace the button on our expenses. 

But after careful consideration, extensive research and a still growing demand for alterations Mr Elronde took 2016 to unofficially explore this field and found it to be very successful and thereby after the year trial had been concluded he announced that Erikr House will be offering alteration services such as hemming, repairs, replacement of zippers, buttons, etc and that is just to name a few. Mr Elronde also confirmed that the previous arrangement he offered to Erikr House clients regarding alterations to their Erikr House original garments will remain in tact.
Coat After Alterations