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~ Out of grief comes lasting grace, beauty and dignity ~

The Angel Gown Initiative (TAGI)

On the morning of 21 June 2017 as Mr Elronde was going through his pre-work morning rituals he noticed a post on a friends’ Facebook news feed about a woman that had sent her wedding gown away to be repurposed as Angel Gowns and that his friend and former client, Mrs Chrismari Elsbury, was looking for someone that would be willing and able to do this for her with her wedding gown. Immediately this concept sparked interest with Mr Elronde and upon further research he found there are some organizations abroad that are intimately involved with this cause but it does not appear to have a big following in South Africa, where Mr Elronde and our company is based.

Mr Elronde contacted Chrismari the same morning to arrange for the collection of her wedding gown and to donate the services of Erikr House for the repurposing process. Later that same morning he had a private conversation with another friend that upon hearing this donated her wedding gown for this purpose as well. Intrigued by his friends interest, a desire for his company to positively contribute to the community and an apparent lack of such a project in South Africa, at that time, Mr Elronde decided to make this Erikr Houses’ official Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and to start The Angel Gown Initiative, also known as TAGI, in South Africa.
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Angel Gowns are bereavement gowns for infants that will never make it to their earthly homes. Our Angel Gowns are gifts to be donated to the grieving families of these infants, so that they have one less worry and something special in which their little treasure can be sent off into the hereafter.

This initiative is purely a charitable project run by Erikr House, with its success relying completely on the donations of others. None of these Angel Gowns are to be sold for any form of financial gain or profit. Erikr House takes in donated bridal gowns, formal gowns, and many other gowns of similar types of fabric and then donates their time and skills to dismantle these donated gowns and then transform them into Angel Gowns. They are then in turn donated to establishments, such as hospitals, that can hand these Angel Gowns out to the families that are going through this terrible time of grief and loss.

On the morning of 23 August 2017 Mr Elronde and his husband departed from the Helderberg area to Vredendal to donate the first set of Angel Gowns. Vredendal Hospital is where Mr Elronde was born, it was also the workplace of Chrismari during the time when she commissioned her wedding gown from Erikr House and so it was decided that this should be the first hospital to where our Angel Gowns would be donated to. What made this entire occasion so much more touching is that Dr J van Dyk, who runs this hospital, is the same doctor that delivered Mr Elronde at birth and he was there in person for this very special handover.
As Angel Gowns are for the most part entirely manufactured from donated and used wedding gowns (or similar gowns), there is no way of guaranteeing the amount of Angel Gowns that can be made from one wedding gown, and they are all likely to differ from one another in some form or another. Erikr House applies their best efforts to ensure that no severely damaged materials find their way into rotation, as we wish for these gowns to be special to the parents.

Erikr House would like to give special thanks to Chrismari for her input and help with this project and getting the Angel Gowns donated to the hospitals in need. We would also like to thank Janet Vandermeulen from 7 Pine Design for supplying a free PDF pattern online for these Angel Gowns that are to be donated. We would also like to thank everyone that have showed interest and donated wedding gowns and other resources thus far. We welcome anyone that would like to donate wedding gowns, other formal gowns, resources or just spread the word that Erikr House will be donating our services to repurpose these donations and then donate the completed Angel Gowns to the establishments in need.
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