Offwhite Raw Silk A-line Wedding Gown with Blue Tulle and Organza

Jacobsohn and Stofberg Wedding 

Back in 2000, when Mr Elronde was still in Grade 8, he met Mrs Helga Jacobsohn after her family had relocated to his home town and they quickly became close friends. Jokingly he promised that one day when they’re all grown up and she gets married that he will be the one to make her wedding gown; it was truly beautiful to see this promise come to fruition when she walked down the aisle in the beginning of 2015.

This was one of the bigger undertakings for Erikr House, definitely the biggest project of 2014, and kept us busy for close to 8 months leading up to the wedding, with her gown alone having kept Mr Elronde personally busy with over 140 hours of hand detailing, added to that was also the commissioning of couture gowns for her mother, her maid-of-honour, her mother-in-law and an original creation for Mr Elronde himself.

We had the opportunity of working with the finest of products, from the specially ordered Swarovski crystals that were carefully handsewn unto the sweetheart neckline and bodice of the gown, to the off-white Raw Silk used to create hand-folded and sewn pleating detail encumbering the entire bodice, along with the beautiful Bridal Charmuse we used as lining for this exquisite gown. A total of 10 different fabrics were used to create her ensemble in a variety of blues, whites and even a touch of black, the most of which were attached in layered frills on her A-lyne style goawn, with the blues ranging at intervals from light to darker to a black line down the centre back.

Red Royal Satin Pencil Matric Farewell Dress with Black Lace - Front

Helberg Matric Farewell

This elegant matric farewell gown was the first of two matric farewell gowns commissioned for Ms Colette Helberg, with this one intended for her own farewell. After construction had begun her mother found herself so impressed with the effort and excellence of craftsmanship exhibited in this gown that her mother forwent of the idea of buying something ready made off the shelve for Colettes' partners’ matric farewell, but rather commissioned another gown for said function.

This pencil-style gown features fabrics such as the lipstick red Royal Satin peeking through beneath the black Metallic Lace overlay, which in its own sports a variety of handsewn Swarovski crystals, Preciosa crystals, Czech crystals and a beautiful metallic button up closure on the back of the gown, partially unlined and partially exposing her bare back.

Red Royal Satin Pencil Matric Farewell Dress with Black Lace- Back

Blackshaw and Tunks Wedding 

Mr Elronde and Mrs Teigan Tunks (Owner at Teigan Blackshaw Photographer) have been friends since the ages of 12 or 14, depending on which one of them you ask and what makes this friendship, as well as this project, so special is that to date they have never met in person. In 2015 she got married and Erikr House found themselves in a situation they have never been before; A handmade couture wedding gown had to be made, fitted, and perfectly altered to the personal body dimensions of a client we were unable to work with and handle in person, as Teigan is situated in Australia and we are based in South Africa.

Teigan was insistent that she wanted an Erikr House original and that Mr Elronde was the one to craft it, a wish he was sure to see come true. It took some creative thinking on his part but eventually via video calling, mock gowns being transported back and forth between Australia and South Africa and the delightful help of Teigans’ sister all the measurements and fittings were done for this dramatic wedding gown. Lending an air of fairy tale wonder was the snow white Bridal Charmuse and a Floral Brocade in royal blue with silver floral accents. Teigan was so happy that she also commissioned her made-of-honours’ gown that had to be undergo the same construction challenges as her gown.

This project was by far one of the more challenging projects we have undertaken, not so much because of the construction methods used in the gowns, but the inability to work with our clients in person and although this project went off without a hitch, this is not a process we are eager to endure again, but for such a strong and long standing friendship, special exceptions are to be made.
White Churmuse Satin A-line Wedding Gown with Blue Brocade

Lilac Bridesmaid dresses in Chiffon

Heine and Pottinger Wedding

Mr Elronde received a phone call one afternoon from Mrs Janine Pottinger-Heines’ mother stating that she already had a wedding gown but her daughter needs bridesmaid gowns and that many of the other fashion companies had taken issue with the fact that another company was commissioned for her wedding gown. As we offer couture services this was not an issue for us, we work with our clients individual needs, and there are many reasons why the bridal party have their garments commissioned by different companies.

Upon meeting with Janine the first time they immediately got along well, she showed Mr Elronde photographs of her wedding gown, discussed with him her colour theme and informed him other than that she had no idea what she wanted for her bridesmaids and so he sat with her, showed here fabric samples, discussed ideas and they decided on a basic A-line style gown design for all four bridesmaids but with slight alterations in design to the necklines to still show individuality while keeping the bridal party unified.

We worked with Satin in Lilac overlaid with a two-tone Cationic Chiffon, and staying true to our couture standards we created hand woven braids as trims for the gowns with a variety of beads and crystals in colours from silver, clear, to lilacs and purples all handsewn in place. Janine was so impressed with our work that her mother commissioned her beautiful A-line style gown in similar colours and fabrics as the bridesmaids but added grey and silver Metallic Lace detail to state the bold differences between them.

Aqua Chiffon A-line Matric Farewell Dress - Train

Van Tonder Matric Farewell

This beautiful A-line gown in off-white Duchess Satin overlaid with aqua Cationic Chiffon was another project dear to Mr Elrondes’ heart. Before Erikr House started The Angel Gown Initiative (TAGI) we still wanted to contribute positive to our community but did so in a different manner. Ms Marissa Van Tonders’ mother came to Mr Elronde and laid the facts straight; she understood Erikr House was out of her price range, but had saved up as much as she could and wanted to ask if we would consider taking her the rest of the way to make her daughter feel like a princess on her matric farewell.

We had a tight budget, but along with the help of special discounts from our suppliers and Mr Elronde donating his time and other resources of Erikr House, we managed to do it. The beautiful and intricate floral designs of the heavily beaded detail on the bodice and train was created by Mr Elronde himself after a lot of research and handsewing all this detail consisted of more than 190 hours. 9 different types of crystals and pearls in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colours such as blues, whites, clears, silvers and more were used totaling in 1,347, that still excludes the 10,114 Miyuki beads and 3,657 sequence that were individually sewn unto the garment.
Aqua Chiffon A-line Matric Farewell Dress - Front

Mynhardt Matric Farewell

This fairy tale gown arrived at Erikr House partially made, most of which had to be redone and completed. Ms Annebe Mynhardts’ grandmother started this project and due to personal reasons did not finish the gown and with her matric farewell a few weeks away she needed someone to finish it urgently and her close friend, also a client at that time, recommended us but did not want to make her hopeful that we would undertake this project as we preferred not to work on existing garments.

Annebe and her mother sat down with Mr Elronde, told him the whole story and after careful inspection of the garment he accepted the contract. Back then we didn’t undertake these kinds of projects as something can go wrong outside our control if the previous manufacturers did not lay the foundations properly, but after empathizing with Annebe and being inspired by the beautiful Tulles, Organzas and lace in black and red he found himself unable to put down the garment once he picked it up and he saw the masterpiece among the pieces of fabrics and loose threads.
Black Lace Matric Farewell Dress

Crimson Thai Silk Mermaid Evening Gown

Hetzner Year End Function

Mr Elronde is a firm believer of the old saying “Put your money where your mouth is” and so he believes that if we as a fashion house want our clients to feel comfortable wearing our garments, then so should we, not just in private but also publicly.

In 2014 a friend of friend needed a companion to a function and Mr Elronde agreed. As he was already busy with other garments, one in particular that was also commissioned for the aforementioned function, he used most of his spare time to create this molded Mermaid-style gown in crimson red Thai Silk with contrasting black lace-up closure and black Metallic Lace design handsewn unto the gowns dramatic hemline and sweetheart neckline.

Although Mr Elronde shed his signature long locks and feminine features since 2014, he says he will always have fond memories of dancing in his diamante stilettos at The Bell Tower in the V&A Waterfront and how regal he felt as the 1.5m train of his gown flared open over the decadent floor of The Table Bay Hotel while he crossed the grand foyer on his way to retire to his suite after the function.

Elsbury and Lloyd Wedding 

Mrs Chrismari Elsbury was referred to us by her older sister, a friend of Mr Elronde since the age of 5 and later a client as well. Initially she wanted to have their older sisters’ wedding gown altered for her own use, a service we didn’t provide before 2016 as alteration work was not part of our original mission objectives. Unfortunately their body types were not compatible enough for the wedding gown to undergo such dramatic alterations and keep its integrity in tact, but because of their long standing friendship and Mr Elrondes’ belief that every bride should have the opportunity to wear a couture garment on her wedding day, he made her a special offer and designed her this vintage style wedding gown.

Finding this lavishly Embroidered and Piped Lace took quite some doing; although initially our suppliers had it in stock they had to have several rolls transferred from their different branches as it was an end of range design and there were not enough on one single roll still left to cover the vast amount of lace we needed. With careful planning, cutting and hand detailing, a skill Mr Elronde is well known for, he made them all blend in seamlessly, a task that totaled 86 hours. The aforementioned 86 hours excludes all other construction time or the 27 hours of handwork that went into the construction of the dramatic Cathedral Veil, something that Chrismari gifted to Erikr House afterwards as gratitude.

There was something very special about this project for Mr Elronde, in part the amount of free reign and trust Chrismari gave him, in part how beautifully she brought this vintage design into its true splendour, but also in part because it was like working with family, Chrismari showed a true gratitude not often received by clients. Her mother passed away a few years back and she really wanted her mother to be with her on this special day and so we found a way to stylishly incorporate some lace curtains from her mother into her petticoat.
Ivory Lace Wedding Gown