Strings of Chinese Pearls for TAGI

Erikr House is a South African based fashion house that specialises in the design and manufacturing of haute couture garments under the guidance of couturier Eric Elronde, known for capturing grace and strength in the lines of his work. Mr Elronde grew up in a rural town that offered little to do and left him with ample time to play with the fabrics in his mothers’ sewing room, spending days on end captivated by the colours and textures, creating outfit after outfit for dolls and it would be these fond memories that would ultimately give birth to his life as a couturier.

While furthering his education in fashion during 2005 a favour for a friend of a friend, whom was in dire need of a Scottish kilt for a fashion competition her son had entered, unexpectedly drew attention to Mr Elrondes’ skills as well as the interest from the local modelling community of Port Elizabeth, and his first label was born. 

Due to unfavourable marketing concerns of his first label paired with a desire to move away from evening wear and back to his original interests in corporate wear, Mr Elronde founded Erikr House in 2009 with the intent to offer his specialised skills to a broader market. A month before the grand opening and launch of his first corporate collection entitled ‘Pouvoir’ personal reasons relocated Mr Elronde to the Gauteng province and only one design from this collection was ever sold, which happened during a prelaunch two months prior.

Eric Elronde putting finishing touches on an Angel Gown
Eric Elronde lacing up a client on her wedding day

Once again a favour would lead Mr Elronde to focus on formal and bridalwear where his refined skills in hand beading, detailing and couture techniques accompanied with his unwavering attention to detail, an element he contributes to his OCD, helps him compliment the favourable features of his clients, as well as diminishing features they perceive as less than flattering.

In 2014 Mr Elronde relocated Erikr House to the Western Cape where he has forgone of the traditional atelier setting, but rather travel to where his clients need him, as he finds this caters to the more intimate and personal needs of his clients, which also reflects the image of his creations. Although no official jewellery collections have been launched yet, since 2015 with the support and skill of Mr Elrondes’ husband Erikr House open the service of presenting clients with the opportunity to own custom made jewellery to complement their unique garments.

In 2016 Mr Elronde unofficially did a year long trial to explore the viability of offering alteration services and announced in 2017 that Erikr House will officially offer these services, it was also the same year in which Mr Elronde announced the launch of our very own The Angel Gown Initiative (TAGI). This initiative has been received very positively by the public and attracted a surprising amount of interest in a very short amount of time. Mr Elronde contributes his lifestyle change since moving to the Western Cape as the main element that allowed him to cultivate all the new growth Erikr House has seen since relocating to the Western Cape.

Mr Eric Elronde with his first set of Angel Gowns

“A beautiful couture garment is so much more than just the ‘latest fad’, expensive fabrics and brand name crystals, it is also about the time consuming hand detail and exquisite craftsmanship, but the final elements to truly bring it all together is the complimenting accessories, the shape to which it will mould and personality of the individual that will bring it to life” – Eric Elronde