Necklace with Cobalt Blue Swarovski Crystals
In the past we have produced the odd pair of earrings or a bracelet for a client in dire need of finding jewellery to compliment their Erikr House original couture garments, but it was not a service we had originally been interested in pursuing. However, as every business grows it is important to realise and adapt to the needs of your clients and it was during the growing stages of Mrs Helga Jacobsohns’ wedding gown that we realised we can add to the couture experience by offering the service of manufacturing jewellery to compliment their final products.

Mr Elronde spent many hours doing online research, mostly with the help of his husband, and going on excursions with Helga to look at examples of jewellery and it was in a quaint little shop that supply beads and other such products to the public where they came across a Victorian style choker set with black glass beads – it did not take long for Mr Elrondes’ muse to sprinkle her inspiration for him to see the potential of this choker and adapt it to Helgas’ personality and the style of her wedding gown.

After consulting with a Swarovski crystal supplier in the Helderberg area Helga fell in love with the earrings seen in the photograph to the right and so Erikr House acquired the same unset Swarovski crystals to be used in her necklace, along with a variety of other crystals in different cuts and hues of blue for Erikr House to manufacture this breathtaking piece.

It was during this process that Mr Elronde decided to officially pursue and offer the service of manufacturing jewellery. Pictured next to Helga is Mr Elronde wearing a necklace and earring set he had specifically designed and created to match the couture gown he wore to her wedding, mostly consisting of a selection of exquisite crystals.
Necklaces with Blue Swarovski Crystals and Clear Swarovski Crystals

As mentioned before under our fashion section, Mrs Helga Jacobsohns’ wedding was one of our more time consuming endeavours, not just because of all the time and resources that had gone into all the gowns commissioned for her wedding, but also the jewellery manufacturing that the project entailed.

This unique set includes a pair of earrings, necklace and bracelet, with the bulk of the items consisting of a dramatic silver multidimensional link chain that expands and contracts as the wearer moves and is complimented with striking cobalt blue crystals to add to this dramatic effect. This set reminds one of jewellery worn by wealthy Anglo Roman families in the late Roman Britain period around 400 AD.

As this set was worn by Helgas’ mother we decided that the pendant in the necklace had to be set with the same tear drop Swarovski crystal that repeats in Helgas’ earrings and necklace. Although both sets used many of the same crystals to tie them in with each other, they created dramatic effects in their own ways, bringing forth an air of aristocracy while keeping their own identities.
Multidimensional Link and Swarovski Crystal Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet Set

Cultured Pearl Necklace
This timeless piece was a very special project and dear to Mr Elrondes’ heart. Mrs Linet Jacobsohn, a woman that meant a great deal to him growing up, had in his adult years become a mother figure to him and they still share a very close bond. Linet has a fondness for pearls, specifically Richelieu pearls as she inherited a set from a family member – a set that we restrung for her after the thread broke. After seeing how she reacted emotionally to it Mr Elronde knew exactly what to give to this special woman for her next birthday.

It took some careful “researching” to find out the year in which Linet was born, but once he had that information Mr Elronde spent days and weeks researching the Richelieu company to understand who they were, their mission objectives, everything that embodied the Richelieu brand and to find as many of their original designs from Linets’ birth year.

Although the crux of the final design rings true to the original design he chose from the Richelieu design manufactured in her birth year, Mr Elronde also wanted to bring his own touch to the design by adding a more modern touch of gold plated elements set with Swarovski crystals. Various sizes of cultured pearls were strung in the traditional way of putting knots in between the pearls - this technique of stringing is used to prevent the pearls from connecting with each other while worn as it can lead to fractures, as well as preventing the loss of pearls if the thread were to break for whatever reason.